The use of cloud-based storage at a global level, with the consequent storage of data outside the jurisdiction in which the business operates, leads to a range of challenges for the forensic investigator searching for such digital evidence.

In this course you will learn about the different kinds of cloud-based storage and data location, the difficulties encountered by a forensic investigator when trying to capture cloud-stored evidence, and the legal response to the growing problem.

Key topics:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • What are the service models?
  • Where is the data?
  • Difficulties encountered
  • The response of the legal system

Learning objectives

  • Provide a basic outline of how cloud computing works
  • Explain how global business is increasingly storing transactional and other business-related data in ‘the cloud’
  • Discuss the implications of cloud computing for a forensic investigation
  • Consider and select from the various options available to be able to legally access cloud-stored digital evidence


This course is suitable for accountants working in financial investigations and forensic accounting in the corporate, SME, public practice, not for profit and public sectors.

365 Days