As a manager, you're responsible for ensuring that your team is focused on priorities – the goals that further your organization. But you can't achieve this without effective communication. You must convey to your employees what the priorities are, why they are priorities, and what their role is in advancing those priorities. Otherwise your team will be pulling in different directions rather than being united by a common sense of purpose. This course explains the elements of effective communication specific to laying out priorities. It gives you guidelines on preparing and developing a message that will resonate with your team. And it teaches you delivery and listening techniques to help you engage your employees in the priorities to motivate them to take action as a team with a clear focus.

Learning objectives

  • Prepare to communicate priorities to employees
  • Recognise guidelines for communicating a priorities message to an employee
  • Recognise how to listen effectively when discussing priorities with an employee
  • Communicate priorities effectively in a given scenario


Team leads, supervisors, managers, directors, and strategic planners who manage organizational priorities to drive organizational success

60 Minutes

365 Days