Performance management is all about results. But how do you measure those results? What do you do with the data that you collect? And what do you do if you discover that some employees are underperforming? Unless you set targets that can be monitored and measured, you won't know if your unit is doing well and you won't know which areas need attention. This course shows you how to monitor and improve your employees' performance using a four-step process that covers setting targets, collecting the necessary information, analyzing that information, and responding to performance gaps that appear. It first helps you identify appropriate targets and standards against which you can measure performance. It then introduces different ways of collecting the relevant data and shows you how to analyze the data and decide on appropriate action. Finally, the course presents a technique for dealing with underperformers in a positive and collaborative way.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise appropriate targets for measuring performance
  • Monitor performance appropriately
  • Decide on appropriate action to address a performance gap
  • Recognise how to deal appropriately with an underperformer


Managers, supervisors and team leaders, who need to manage performance on an individual and team level

60 Minutes

365 Days