Are you paying enough attention to your high performance employees, the people who really help drive your organization? To assume that they don't need your ongoing support because they seem self-sufficient can be a costly mistake. If you don't give them the attention they need and deserve, they may take their energy elsewhere. The key is to keep them engaged and motivated. This course helps you better understand what motivates high performers so you can use effective techniques to retain them and develop their full potential. It focuses on the importance of giving high performers challenging and meaningful work, autonomy, mentoring opportunities, and appropriate feedback.

Learning objectives

  • Identify examples of typical characteristics of high performers
  • Recognise benefits of retaining high performers in a scenario
  • Recognise how to motivate and develop high performers
  • Motivate a high performer through feedback


Managers looking to improve their organization's performance by developing their advanced management skills

60 Minutes

365 Days