The most effective managers know that, when faced with difficult conversations, the ultimate goal is to produce positive outcomes. While they can represent an emotional confrontation, these discussions can also be meaningful and constructive. This course identifies the common challenges of difficult conversations and explores the strategies that can be used to handle them. Challenges can include a subject who's not willing to engage in conversation or who looks to place the blame on you. By using various strategies and techniques to overcome these challenges, you can keep the conversation on track, manage your emotions, and progress the conversation to produce positive outcomes.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss examples of challenges you may encounter in a difficult conversation
  • Match challenges you may encounter to the strategies for dealing with them
  • Determine which guidelines for reframing a difficult conversation have been followed appropriately in a given scenario
  • Recognise examples of the steps to take to handle criticism in a difficult conversation


Management level employees wanting to develop or refine their skills in delivering a difficult message to their subordinates, colleagues, or superiors

60 Minutes

365 Days