What does it mean to be decisive? Decision makers come in all shapes and forms and work at all levels of an organization. It's not only CEOs and managers who must be effective decision makers – all employees should have the character traits necessary to make timely and appropriate decisions to enhance organizational success. This course examines steps in the decision-making process, followed by an introduction to the character traits that will help employees build confidence and make better decisions. The course also examines what to do after a decision has been made: putting your work into action. And it shows how 'taking action' isn't always the end goal; sometimes the best decision is to take no action at all.

Learning objectives

  • Sequence the steps in a decision-making process
  • Recognise examples of people being realistic while making a decision
  • Recognise how to build self-confidence for decision making
  • Recognise how to implement a decision appropriately
  • Recognise how to be action oriented when making decisions


Individuals seeking to improve their ability to make and implement quality decisions effectively and with confidence

60 Minutes

365 Days