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This FastClass is designed as an addition to the Preparing Annual Statements online course, outlining the financial reporting requirements unique to Australia.

Key topics:

  • An overview of the Australian financial reporting framework
  • Reporting requirements for the different types of reporting entities
  • An overview of the reporting entity concept
  • An overview of the reduced disclosure regime

This FastClass was produced by Carmen Ridley, Principal of Australian Financial Reporting Solutions (AFRS), an independent financial reporting consulting firm. Carmen regularly answers technical queries from clients, writes and presents technical training materials and analyses technical pronouncements in the financial reporting and auditing arenas. Carmen also currently holds a board position on the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB), Australian accounting standards setter.

Learning objectives

  • Identify sources of Australia-specific reporting requirements for different types of reporting entities
  • Apply the reporting entity concept to identify entities that are required to prepare financial statements
  • Identify entities that qualify for the reduced disclosure regime


This FastClass is designed for those working in external reporting, financial management, accounting administration and financial accounting in the Australian financial reporting environment.

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