Understanding how to communicate effectively with senior executives is a valuable skill for any professional. How else will you pitch your great idea to your CEO or report on key successes or failures? What if you've got only a few minutes to get your message across? This course provides direction on how to carry out executive-level communications in both formal and informal settings. It also explores different communications media and how they might be used to convey your message to senior executives. Finally, the course recognizes the different reasons why you might communicate with the "C" Level. It offers specific guidance on furnishing reports, making proposals, and requesting additional resources.

Learning objectives

  • Determine whether general principles for communicating upward have been followed in a given scenario
  • Match communication platforms to characteristics
  • Determine whether relevant guidelines have been followed when using specific platforms to communicate with senior executives
  • Recognise how to report or make a proposal to senior executives
  • Make a request to a senior executive


Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for communicating effectively with the "C" Level

60 Minutes

365 Days