This course is ideal for those with no prior knowledge of accountancy. It deals with the source and meaning of financial information. To be equipped to make good business decisions, a working knowledge of accounting and the meaning of accounting information provide a sound starting point.

Key topics:

  • Accounting processes
  • Financial statements - outputs from the accounting system and process
  • Cash versus accrual accounting approaches
  • Cost centre management
  • Understanding budget processes

This course consists of one online course and one online assessment.

NOTE: This course is best displayed in Google Chrome browser. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

Learning objectives

  • Describe a typical accounting process
  • Interpret the three core financial statements
  • Identify the difference between cash and accrual accounting, and its impact on the financial statements, large organisations and individual cost centre managers
  • Identify cost centre management imperatives
  • Review budget processes
  • Identify alternative approaches to building budgets
  • Review monitoring and control mechanisms


This course is designed for people working in corporate entities, small to medium enterprises and not-for-profits, needing a fundamental understanding of accounting principles.

365 Days