This recorded webinar will show you how to devise an amortisation schedule which details not only an implicit interest rate but also the regular interest and principal payments to be made. Establishing this schedule will allow you to populate your cash flow forecasts with ease and classify loans between short and long term debt for management and statutory reporting.

Key topics:

  • Build a dynamic schedule which can allocate payments between principal and interest payments for a loan
  • Reconcile the schedule so it balances at the end of the period and the exact calculation of days between a payment period
  • Summarise the data over the life of the loan using dynamic ranges and add these dynamic ranges to a chart

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to allocate between principle and interest payments for allocation to the Income and Statement of Financial Position.
  • Learn how to classify debt quickly and accurately between short and long term debt.
  • Use this simple reconciliation technique to validate your schedule once complete.
  • Allocate the schedule throughout your organisation using a methodology to reconcile back to the schedule.
  • Summarise the data over the life of the loan to show how the schedule is distributed.
  • Work through the detailed tasks accompanying the webinar to test your knowledge


Professionals working in SME or Corporate entities in specialist or analyst and mid-level career roles in job functions such as external reporting, financial control and management accounting.

365 Days