CPD hours: 40 on successful completion

The RG146 Compliance Solution program will provide you the pathway to RG146 Compliance, the level of education required to become a financial adviser to provide financial advice to your clients.

It consists of four modules plus an optional specialist assessment in advising in self-managed super funds (SMSFs). It has been designed to address the competency requirements outlined in the ASIC Regulatory Guide 146 (RG146) for practitioners wishing to provide specialist financial planning advice to their clients in the areas of financial planning, general and life insurance, securities, derivatives, margin lending, managed investments, superannuation and SMSFs.

The program is very flexible; each module can be completed via self-paced distance learning or through two day intensive workshop in the order and mode that suits you best. CPA Australia strongly advises that candidates have a Year 12 or equivalent comprehension level of language, literacy and numeracy skills in order to undertake this program.

The RG146 Module 3. Investments identifies and explains the differences between the various styles of investment products and provides a basis of comparison between products in order to best advise the client. It builds on Module 1. Financial advice foundation, and contributes to the ability to provide comprehensive financial planning advice.

This module includes four ASIC compliance areas such as securities (including both equity products and debt products), derivatives, managed investments and margin lending. 

This module explains the differences between the various styles of investment products and provides the bases for comparing products to ensure the provision of appropriate advice to clients.

The self-paced learning option is offered year round and there are no enrolment date restrictions, meaning candidates can enrol any time.


On completion of each module, you must complete an assessment consisting of a written assignment and a telephone role-play scenario. The assessment tasks are designed to enable you to demonstrate your skills and ability against the key areas of competency covered in each module.

This course is offered under CPA Australia’s RTO.

CPA Australia Registered Training Organisation Number: 7144

Further information can be found in the Candidate handbook (PDF) and our policies and forms page.


Learning objectives

• How to discuss capacity with a client
• How to determine client requirements and expectations
• Provide appropriate and timely information advice to clients
• Conduct research to support recommendations
• Record and implement client instructions


• Members and non-members
• Financial planners or anyone wanting to pursue a career in financial planning
•  Public accountants and their employees
•  Anyone wanting to launch a career in this sector