This course is designed for finance professionals working in NFP organisations. In addition to the traditional governance responsibilities, this course covers broader governance topics which are now becoming more relevant to finance professionals – strategy, insurance, voluntary codes, policies and procedures, risk management and Board roles.

Key topics:

  • What constitutes good governance in the NFP sector
  • What determines mandatory governance practices for different types of NFPs and what additional voluntary practices might be appropriate
  • How ownership models influence governance approaches
  • NFP stakeholders and their influence on governance
  • How the application of good governance does not fit a single framework for NFPs, but varies depending on the size and type of organisation, its location and the sector in which it operates
  • That good governance in NFPs is not static, but will change as the organisation develops and grows
  • How NFP governance applies to the finance professional from a practical perspective

The course will follow the journey of an NFP case study through its organisational lifecycle, and how a finance professional can support that NFP on its journey.

This course consists of one online course and one online assessment.

Learning objectives

  • Identify and explain the key principles of what is ‘good governance’ for an NFP organisation
  • Interpret and apply the key NFP governance provisions under Australian law (federal, state and sector specific)
  • Analyse how an NFP’s sector, size, location and structure will influence its governance approach due to differing regulatory requirements
  • Explain the key differences between for-profit and not-for-profit stakeholder models and the impact on governance
  • Describe some of the practical implications for a finance professional working for an NFP and how they apply to different organisation types
  • Explain the changing nature of governance as NFPs grow and develop


This course is suitable for accounting and finance professionals working in the NFP sector.

2 hours

365 Days