This course explains the functions, products and workings of the foreign exchange market, the most liquid capital market in the world. The spot and forward FX markets are both discussed, with detailed explanations of market jargon and terminology and numerous examples of how deals are conducted in practice. The course also describes the world of FX option trading, including a look at some of the more exotic FX option structures.

This value pack includes 12 courses:

  • The foreign exchange business
  • FX spot market - an introduction
  • FX spot market - trading
  • FX forward market - an introduction
  • FX forward market - calculating swap/forward points and cross rates
  • FX forward market - uses of outrights and FX swaps
  • FX forward market - short-dated outrights and FX swaps
  • FX forward market - cross-currency borrowing and investing
  • FX forward market - FX swap trading
  • FX forward market - non-deliverable forwards (NDFs)
  • Foreign exchange - factors influencing exchange rates
  • Scenario - using FX swaps and outrights for cash flow management

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These courses form part of the Intuition short course suite. 

Learning objectives


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