Excel 2013 provides powerful financial functions and data-analysis tools that enable you to explore data and to make educated business decisions based on that data. Using financial functions, iterative calculations, and the Watch Window can help you make the make better financial decisions and ensure the calculations are accurate. This course will cover What-if Analysis which enables you to retrieve required results from formulas by determining the data the formula requires, forecast worksheet outcome models, and to see how changing values in formulas affect the formula results. These tools include Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, and Data Tables. 

This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

Learning objectives

  • Use financial functions in Excel 2013
  • Enable iterative calculations in Excel 2013
  • Decide how to use financial functions in Excel 2013
  • Decide how to allow circular references in Excel 2013
  • Add a watch to a cell in Excel 2013
  • Decide how to watch cells in Excel 2013
  • Use Goal Seek to find the input for a result in Excel 2013
  • Compare scenarios with Scenario Manager in Excel 2013
  • Create a data table in Excel 2013
  • Decide how to use what-if analysis in Excel 2013


Professionals seeking to improve competency in Excel.

60 Minutes

365 Days