This comprehensive learning manual contains the rules that make certain types of tax losses easier to use or ensure that the value of the loss does not erode over time. Use this as your reference guide to assist your clients to strategically manage losses and deductions.

Key topics:

  • Types of losses including revenue losses, capital losses and foreign losses
  • Types of taxpayers including individuals and companies
  • Trusts - family and fixed
  • Trust tests including control, 50% stake, the pattern of distributions and income injection

This course consists of one hard copy learning manual and one online assessment.

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Learning objectives

  • Identify the different types of tax losses and restrictions about deducting each type of loss
  • Describe the restrictions that individuals face when deducting losses
  • Know the difference between private companies, public companies and widely held companies, and the rules that apply to each in deducting their losses
  • Understand the continuity of ownership test (COT) and same business test (SBT) and how the rules work in practice
  • Identify the different types of trusts and the restrictions that apply to each in deducting losses


This learning manual is specifically designed for those working with clients in all industries that would need to account for losses in regular reporting functions.

This course is based on the Australian taxation system.

365 Days