'Politics' are a reality in any organisation and, even if you dislike them, you can't eliminate them. There are strategies and techniques which can help you smooth the process of decision-making without the use of 'position power' though, beginning with negotiating and communicating effectively and being personally credible and trustworthy and having the ability to marshal good reasons to support your case. Finally, when dealing with power and influence you'll inevitably have to navigate political waters and use political savvy as an aid to influencing without direct authority.

This value pack includes these short courses:

  • The first steps in negotiating
  • Negotiating the best solution
  • Personal power and credibility
  • Building personal power through influence
  • Influence others with political savvy

This value pack consists of multiple short courses, giving you the flexibility of accelerated learning while fitting it into your increasingly busy schedule. The topics listed above contain a number of micro learning assets, each of which take between 3 - 6 minutes to view. Focusing on a single learning objective per subcategory, these courses will give you practical tools that you can implement immediately.


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Learning objectives


This value pack is suitable for anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for getting results using negotiation and personal power.

2.5 hours

365 Days