Everyone who works must answer to their own, inner boss - a personal, internal voice that provides guidance on whether a job is worth doing and whether it's done well. Accepting personal accountability means your inner boss sets demanding standards that you're willing to commit to meeting. By developing attitudes and skills that empower you, you can manage from within and become your own best boss. Self-empowerment is the process of taking responsibility for your attitudes, behaviours, and actions at work to maximise your effectiveness. Your reputation can define your credibility, impact your career opportunities, and shape your relationships with your colleagues so it's important to always project a professional image at a personal level and to take responsibility for developing your own ethical code of conduct.

This value pack includes these short courses:

  • Becoming an accountable professional
  • Becoming your own best boss
  • Becoming more professional through business etiquette
  • Developing a personal accountability framework
  • Developing your business ethics

This value pack consists of multiple short courses, giving you the flexibility of accelerated learning while fitting it into your increasingly busy schedule. The topics listed above contain a number of micro learning assets, each of which take between 3 - 6 minutes to view. Focusing on a single learning objective per subcategory, these courses will give you practical tools that you can implement immediately.


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Learning objectives


This value pack is suitable for members of business organisations who want to increase their effectiveness at work while exercising more control over their own day-to-day activities and improving their ability to meet long-term personal career goals.

2.5 hours

365 Days