For some people, nothing is ever good enough. They complain nonstop about everything from their latest project to the weather. Others may whine or place blame where it may not belong. Negative people contribute to an unproductive work environment and tend to make the people around them feel negative as well. To limit the adverse impact negative people can have in the workplace, you need a set of tools and techniques at your disposal suited to the particular type of negative person you may be dealing with. This course delves into the characteristics of some common types of negative people you may encounter within the workplace, and it also discusses strategies you may use to help you deal with their behavior.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise examples of people who demonstrate negative behaviour
  • Determine which aspects of handling negative behaviour were dealt with appropriately in a given scenario
  • Apply strategies for dealing with a blamer in the workplace


Individuals who want to develop or refresh their communications skills when working with difficult people

60 Minutes

365 Days