Have you ever dealt with someone at work who tried to get you to agree to something you really didn't want to do? Some people just seem to want things their way, even if it is not the best for the team or organization. During your career, it is likely that you'll come across coworkers who use manipulation to get what they want, and it may be difficult to avoid them. To ensure you don't get caught up in their games, you need to be able to recognize when you're being manipulated and to have the necessary skills to deal with the manipulative behavior. This course provides an overview of manipulative behavior in the workplace and discusses some effective strategies for dealing with it, such as setting healthy boundaries, documenting your interactions, and confronting the manipulative person.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise examples of manipulative behaviour
  • Sequence the steps to take to handle manipulative behaviour, given a scenario
  • Apply strategies for dealing with a manipulative person in a workplace scenario


Individuals who want to develop or refresh their communications skills when working with difficult people

60 Minutes

365 Days