This course focusses on why ethics are important for the finance professional and specifically refers to APES 110. An outline of the underpinning principles is provided, along with activities for you to test your understanding.  A real-life case study is examined and concludes with a video of a panel discussion of the ethical issues involved in the case from a variety of perspectives.

This course consists of one online course and one online assessment.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the principles of ethics and state why they are key to finance professionals
  • Recognise and analyse an ethical situation
  • Identify which principles of the APES 110 code apply to a situation, and be able to apply those principles
  • Apply professional integrity to a situation
  • Recommend a course of action relating to an ethical situation


This practical guide is designed for finance professionals who need to gain an understanding, or refresher, of ethics and what it means in practical terms for day to day purposes.

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