Diversity in the workplace helps create an inclusive environment where individuals are accepted for their differences, recognised for their strengths, and provides opportunities for both individuals and an organisation. This course will demonstrate what diversity is, how to leverage diversity within an organisation, and the barriers that must be overcome to create and maintain a diverse working environment. It is important that as an individual you understand the importance of diversity and what role you play in workplace diversity. This course will help you understand cross-cultural environments, how to manage a multigenerational workforce, and the evolution of women in the workforce.

This value pack includes 9 short courses:

  • Bridging the diversity gap
  • Your role in workplace diversity
  • Maintaining a cohesive multigenerational workforce
  • Managing multigenerational employees
  • How culture impacts communication
  • Using communication strategies to bridge cultural divides
  • Gender and leadership
  • Choosing to lead as a woman
  • Careers and family challenges for women leaders
  • The essentials for anger management

This value pack consists of multiple short courses, giving you the flexibility of accelerated learning while fitting it into your increasingly busy schedule. The course topics listed above contain a number of micro learning assets, each of which take between 3 - 6 minutes to view. Focusing on a single learning objective per subcategory, these courses will give you practical tools that you can implement immediately.

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Learning objectives


This value pack is suitable for managers, team leaders and business professionals who want to develop or refine their skills for enhancing and managing diversity in the workplace. 


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