Lookup functions are some of the most important when it comes to analysing data. There are many ways to lookup information from an exact match or an approximate match. This recorded webinar joins together the analysis of data with PivotTable functionality to analyse and summarise raw data in a meaningful way.

Key topics:

  • Develop a lookup formula which accepts multiple criteria without resorting to concatenation or array formula
  • Perform an appropriate match with wildcard characters
  • Develop a formula which looks through a list, detects a match, then matches that word in a string of words and performs a lookup
  • Create a calculated field in Excel, learn how it works and what the limitations are with calculated fields
  • Use the Pivot Table as a template to create a range of summary reports instantly

Learning objectives

  • Lookup multiple criteria to return a text field using INDEX, MATCH, INDEX combination
  • Lookup an approximate match to create. data bins which will help with analysis
  • Create a calculated field in an Excel PivotTable and use it in your reporting
  • Summarise the data into a meaningful report, quickly and easily
  • Work through the detailed tasks accompanying the webinar to test your knowledge


Professionals working in SME or Corporate entities in specialist or analyst and mid-level career roles in job functions such as external reporting, financial control and management accounting.

365 Days