This recorded webinar will simplify typical VBA code in order to save time for the busy finance professional.

Key topics:

  • Sorting data with code – recorded code vs. succinct code 
  • Code by using a simple Autofilter in VBA
  • Transposing all of the data in a workbook onto a single sheet. Updating a master sheet from child sheets.

Learning objectives

  • Filtering – to isolate data, by colour or multiple conditions
  • Sorting data efficiently, linking the range to a chart so it cascades and presents well
  • Using the advanced filter to create child sheets from a master data set
  • Consolidate a workbook, bring a group of templates into a consolidation sheet and have calculations summarise the data. Automate the process to pick up new information.
  • Work through the detailed tasks accompanying the webinar to test your knowledge 


Professionals working in SME or Corporate entities in specialist or analyst and mid-level career roles working in job functions such as external reporting, financial control and management accounting.

365 Days