Risk is the driving force behind every business venture, so it's important to understand risk and plan for it. Even though the best leaders are accomplished decision-makers who know how to make tough choices on the fly, in today's business environment you must know how to proactively identify risk factors, and how to recognize when business ventures are at risk of becoming critical situations. This course examines the first stage of risk management - identification of risk factors. It also presents several risk identification techniques, including how to use root cause identification, the Delphi technique, and brainstorming sessions to identify risks.

Learning objectives

  • Differentiate between internal and external risks
  • Determine the most appropriate risk identification techniques to use for a given situation
  • Recognise guidelines for conducting a brainstorming session to identify project risks
  • Recognise actions you can take to overcome various challenges you may encounter when facilitating a brainstorming session to identify risks
  • Conduct a brainstorming session to identify the risks of a project


Decision makers at all levels in an organization interested in learning about the issues relating to risk and risk management

60 Minutes

365 Days