Do highly productive people have some innate skill that others do not? Or do people become productive because of their choices and actions? This course teaches that anyone can be productive if they choose to be – and follow it up with action. People tend to become less productive when faced with major projects, often feeling overwhelmed or unable to complete what's required of them. This course examines task management and 'chunking' and how they can help workloads seem much less overwhelming. It also looks at how to determine which are priority tasks and which are nonessential. And it examines the importance of scheduling and detailing schedule items using a to-do list. Taking time to create a schedule at the start will save you time and energy in the long run. And knowing how to properly use a to-do list can help maximize personal productivity.

Learning objectives

  • Assess your time and set your priorities in a given scenario
  • Learn how to chunk your time
  • Recognise the basic principles of scheduling
  • Analyse the use of a to-do list in a given scenario


Individuals wishing to improve their productivity in the workplace

60 Minutes

365 Days