Cross-functional teams are groups of employees from different functional areas of an organization – such as Research, Marketing, and Human Resources – who are all focused on a single goal. They're often formed to design and develop new products, choose and implement new technologies through the organization, or control product costs. They can benefit your organization because they help to improve coordination and innovation across divisions. This course provides a fundamental understanding of what cross-functional teams are. It also details the advantages of using such teams and explains the kinds of situations where they're most or least appropriate.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise examples of cross-functional teams
  • Recognise how implementing cross-functional teams can benefit you and your organisation
  • Recognise examples of the advantages of using cross-functional teams
  • Recognise when to use a cross-functional team
  • Recognise when not to use a cross-functional team


Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for developing, utilizing, managing, and leading cross-functional teams within their organization

60 Minutes

365 Days