No matter what your current project, success is never guaranteed. Sometimes, you may fail. To achieve your goals when this happens, you need the ability to bounce back, regain your focus, and take action – fast. Delivering on your goal is often about being able to rise to a challenge and overcome an obstacle. This course shows you how to weather the storm of a setback and stay on track toward your goal. It explores the personal qualities that you need to nurture in order to maximize your ability to bounce back. It demonstrates how to keep setbacks in perspective and turn negative events into positive lessons. It also details ways to embrace lessons learned so that you won't repeat the same mistakes again. In addition, it explains how to go forward from a setback with renewed confidence.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise examples of the personal qualities that allow you to bounce back from a setback
  • Turn a setback into lessons learned, in a given scenario
  • Recognise how to embrace lessons learned from a setback


Individuals wanting to develop their abilities in managing setbacks, challenges, or obstacles in their work

60 Minutes

365 Days