Operational risk is not new it has existed ever since the first bank opened its doors for business. What is relatively new, however, is how modern-day financial institutions manage this category of risk. In the past, banks managed OpRisk almost exclusively through internal control mechanisms, supplemented by the internal audit function. While these remain very important, OpRisk management has evolved into a discipline in its own right with specialised personnel, policies, procedures, reporting, measurement techniques, and related technology. This course looks in detail at this more holistic approach to managing this key category of risk. It also describes the Basel requirements for measuring and managing OpRisk, which will impact on how individual institutions organise their own risk frameworks.

Prior to completing this course it is recommended you undertake:

  • Operational Risk Identification & Measurement

This online course forms part of the Intuition short course suite.

Learning objectives

  • Outline, for a typical institution, how operational risk management is organised
  • Describe the operational risk regulatory context in which banks operate


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