Excel 2013 makes it easy to save and print workbooks and worksheets. When you create an Excel workbook, you will most likely want to save it, and in many instances, print it as a hard copy or share with someone else. You can save in various formats since Excel 2013 supports many file types. This course covers saving data, and preparing for printing including setting print options, page setup, print titles, headers and footers, and row and column headings. 

This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

Learning objectives

  • Save a workbook in Excel 2013
  • Change the default save options in Excel 2013
  • Recover a workbook in Excel 2013
  • Choose how to save a file and recover an unsaved file
  • Print a workbook
  • Configure the page layout in Excel 2013
  • Decide how to print a workbook in Excel 2013


Professionals seeking to improve competency in Excel.

60 Minutes

365 Days