The evolution of business strategies has increased the importance of management having a thorough understanding of the products they produce. More and more employees are getting promoted from within to become project managers as they fully understand what they are producing and how best to meet the quality and quantity requirements set out by executive management. Project management, as a process, is the supervision and control of the work required to complete the project deliverable. Using established processes, coupled with the experience and skills of experienced workers, employers are able to develop project management skills from within. This course will enable individuals who are not professional project managers to learn the fundamentals of project management so they will be able to manage projects related to their area of responsibility within the organization.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the importance of effective project management to an organisation
  • Identify project management objectives and activities
  • Match project roles and interested parties to their responsibilities
  • Identify examples of the activities that take place during each phase of the project management process
  • Match project manager roles with examples
  • Identify the value of the project manager in an organisation
  • Determine the right amount of project management in given scenarios
  • Match "bad manager" types to examples of their behaviours
  • Identify examples of micromanagement
  • Identify the management challenges posed by small to medium projects in given scenarios


This course is targeted toward a diverse range of managers and staff members who wish to acquire the necessary skills to successfully manage small to medium sized projects.

150 Minutes

365 Days