BAS Advanced is designed to give those who prepare Business Activity Statements an enhanced understanding of some of the more problematic areas of accounting for GST, such as:


  • Timing rules for paying GST and claiming GST credits
  • When the usual timing rules don’t apply, including:
    • progressive and periodic supplies
    • asset financing (lease and hire purchase)
    • deposits and part payments
    • lay-by sales
    • issue and redemption of vouchers
  • The margin scheme
  • GST adjustments
  • Correcting GST mistakes
  • Importing and exporting goods and services
  • Dealing with selected transactions (such as financial supplies and acquisitions, second-hand goods and barter transactions)
  • Simplified accounting methods
  • GST and annual private apportionment
  • Reporting and paying GST annually
  • Claiming fuel tax credits

This course consists of one hard copy learning manual and one online assessment.

Want to know more? Click below to view a sample of the learning manual:

Learning objectives

  • Apply both cash and non-cash methods of accounting for GST
  • Correctly determine the GST payable and input tax credits claimable for the appropriate tax period using the attribution rules
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply the special timing rules in respect of progressive or periodic payments, lay-by or leasing arrangements
  • Calculate adjustments to GST paid or payable and input tax credit claimed or claimable, where adjustment events have occurred
  • Identify and apply rules applicable to specific topics, including the margin scheme and second-hand goods
  • Identify and apply important administrative requirements of the GST and Activity Statement regimes


This course is designed for those in tax accounting roles with responsibility of preparing income tax returns, BAS statements and the preparation of financial statements, whether for an organisation or client, looking for more advanced knowledge in the preparation of activity statements

365 Days