Although generally viewed as a recent innovation, primitive derivatives have existed in one form or another for thousands of years. Today, the derivatives industry is huge and massively influential - but it remains controversial. The events of the global financial crisis and some rogue trading incidents involving derivatives mean that the general public and mainstream media view these instruments with some suspicion. Politicians and regulators - reflecting this mood - have forced through new rules, clamping down on some of the more opaque and controversial elements of derivatives trading. But some of the concerns surrounding derivatives are misguided, and stem from a lack of understanding of how these products work or how they have been misused at times.

This value pack includes five courses:

  • Derivatives - an introduction
  • Derivatives - markets
  • Forwards and futures - an introduction
  • Options - an introduction
  • Swaps - an introduction

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These courses form part of the Intuition short course suite. 

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