This recorded webinar is specifically designed for finance professionals working with Microsoft Excel in their day-to-day working roles.

Expert presenter Marcus Small will demonstrate a practical approach to designing scalable, flexible and reusable forecasting models in Microsoft Excel. During the webinar a forecasting model in Excel will be completed.

Key topics:

  • Build assumptions to generate 'what if' scenarios
  • Generate a predictive P&L template in a format which can be easily consolidated
  • Design an interactive model to allow for 'what if' analysis in budget presentation meetings

Learning objectives

What you will learn:

  • Gain an understanding of forecast development using Microsoft Excel
  • Work through the detailed tasks accompanying the webinar to test knowledge acquired
  • Build models based on forecast development using teaching points and template resources supplied


Professionals working in SME or Corporate entities in specialist or analyst and mid-level career roles working in job functions such as external reporting, financial control and management accounting.

365 Days