This recorded webinar will show you how to create a report which brings together knowledge learnt in the following recorded webinars:

  • An Introduction to big data and business analytics 
  • Business modelling using big data 

The webinar will outline how to organise the report and manage new data.

Key topics:

  • Review source data provided and create three primary tables to form the report
  • Join the tables and create a calculated measure
  • Add a Power Map and go through the exercise of how to get data into a 2D and 3D map
  • Create three PowerPivot reports to feed the dashboard

Learning objectives

  • Work through complex DAX examples
  • Apply a report structure, manage tables and incorporate new data into the report from an external source
  • Visualising and comparing performance matrices and summarising them into a dashboard style report
  • Globalising location-based results to identify trends and patterns on a 3D scale with Power Map
  • Work through the detailed tasks accompanying the webinar to test your knowledge 


Professionals working in SME or Corporate entities in specialist or analyst and mid-level career roles working in job functions such as external reporting, financial control and management accounting.

365 Days