This course provides in-depth coverage of the leading global debt markets, including the US, UK, and international (Eurobond) markets. Key fixed income mathematical concepts, such as yield to maturity, duration and convexity, are also covered. There is also a detailed discussion of credit risk issues in fixed income markets, and an introduction to passive and active bond trading strategies

This value pack includes 12 courses:

  • Bond prices and yields
  • Duration and convexity
  • Fixed income - credit risk
  • Eurobonds - an introduction
  • Eurobonds - issuing and investing
  • Floating Rate Notes (FRNs)
  • US bond market
  • UK bond market
  • European bond markets
  • Japanese bond market
  • Canadian bond market
  • Bond strategies - fundamentals

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These courses form part of the Intuition short course suite. 

Learning objectives


365 Days