‘Good governance’ is the cumulative process that directs and controls a company and holds the organisation to account. Poor corporate governance has led to financial disasters for individual companies and, even, whole economies.

This course covers some very specific principles, laws, recommendations and guidance relating to best practice in corporate governance. A review of several codes is provided and, as there are differences that the finance professional needs to be aware of, there is a comparison of governance systems used in different parts of the world (especially between the market-based systems of the US, UK and Australia and the relationship-based systems found in Europe and Asia).

This course consists of one online course and one online assessment.

Learning objectives

  • Interpret and apply the key governance provisions under Australian law
  • Interpret and apply codes and principles of corporate governance
  • Have an understanding of key international governance provisions (such as the OECD Principles)
  • Be able to compare and contrast Australian and international provisions


This course is suitable for finance and accounting professionals who need to gain an understanding, or refresher, of governance rules and regulations and what it means in practical terms for day to day purposes.

365 Days