Effective management of cash flows is crucial for the success of any organisation. There are a number of key cash flow drivers, including sales growth, gross margin, operating expense, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable and capital expenditures. The accounts of One.Tel Ltd and Telstra Corporation Ltd have been used throughout the course to illustrate differing cash management techniques.

Key topics:

  • Managing cash balances
  • Operating cash flow management
  • Investing cash flow management
  • Financing cash flow management
  • Forecasting and budgeting cash flows

This course consists of one online course and one online assessment.

Learning objectives

  • An understanding of cash flow priorities and the key business drivers for sustainable cash flow
  • How to manage operating, financing and investing cash flows
  • How to design and manage cash forecasts and budgets
  • The role of cash flow in various high-profile corporate collapses


This course is designed for people working in corporate entities, small to medium enterprises and not-for-profits, in areas such as management accounting, financial management and financial control.