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Understanding what drives the costs in an organisation is crucial to inform price-setting and other decision making relating to the organisation's products and services.

Activity-based costing allows organisations to classify and allocate indirect costs - those costs that are not directly linked to volume of production or service delivery and those which are often significant in complex and diverse organisations.

This highly interactive course will introduce you to activity-based costing concepts and the steps involved in its implementation. In addition, it will walk you through an example of implementing activity-based costing, showing the real benefits of its use.

Learning objectives

  • Why organisations benefit from using activity-based costing
  • How to apply the seven steps to implementing activity-based costing
  • Ways to compare cost allocations between a traditional cost allocation approach and an activity-based costing approach


This online course is suitable for management accountants, financial accountants and financial controllers within corporate and small to medium organisations.

It is also well suited to those in public practice, looking to provide advice on activity based costing methods to clients.