This course reviews the objectives of mentoring programs and the benefits offered to employees, mentors, and the organisation as a whole. It explores the expectations and roles of mentors, coaches, and managers to understand the distinct advantages of mentor relationships. Finally, it looks at what makes a mentoring program successful, considering the various mentoring models and approaches and how each contributes to making a mentoring program a good experience for all involved.

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This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

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Learning objectives

  • Identify the benefits of mentoring for the mentee, the mentor, and for the organisation
  • Identify the objectives of workplace mentoring
  • Distinguish between examples of coaching and mentoring relationships
  • Identify what makes mentoring programs successful
  • Match mentoring models to examples
  • Distinguish between the arguments for implementing formal or informal mentoring


Anyone who wants to gain a foundation in mentoring, and managers and team leaders who want to develop or refine their mentoring skills.

60 Minutes

365 Days