Engaging your top performers positively influence the culture of your organisation. Managers and leaders need to recognise who their top performers are, how they're different from other employees, and how to ensure they maintain a deep connection with their work. You can keep your top performers committed and engaged by providing challenging work and development opportunities. This course helps you recognise the characteristics of top performers and the benefits they bring to an organisation. You'll learn how to improve your workplace so that it both attracts and meets the needs of top performers. Finally, the course discusses four communication styles, including the one typically used by top performers, so that you'll be able to recognise and adjust your own style to effectively communicate with top performers.

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This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

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Learning objectives

  • Recognise the characteristics of a top performer
  • Recognise the importance of keeping top performers engaged
  • Recommend improvements to a workplace that will keep top performers engaged
  • Recognise leadership practices that attract top performers
  • Communicate effectively with a top performer


Managers and other individuals who are responsible for managing employee performance

60 Minutes

365 Days