With the goal of helping you to develop your capacity to think strategically, this course describes what strategic thinking is – in particular, how it differs from operational thinking and strategic planning. It explores the personal traits of effective strategic thinkers, as well as some barriers to strategic thinking. It describes ways you can help develop your capacity for thinking strategically by recognising the importance of being creative, being prepared to deal with the complexity of different levels and views, and being aware of what's going on inside and outside your organisation.

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This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

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Learning objectives

  • Describe the characteristics of strategic thinking
  • Distinguish between different levels of strategy
  • Determine which traits of a strategic thinker are exemplified in a given scenario
  • Recognise examples of how you can develop the capacity to think strategically


Functional managers, professionals, departmental leaders, and all individuals in key roles who want to develop or refine their strategic thinking skills.

60 Minutes

365 Days