Excel 2010 provides you with a number of basic and advanced techniques for customising common elements such as charts, themes, cell styles, and graphics. This course describes many of these techniques and shows you how to implement them to their best effect.

Prerequisites: Some knowledge of basic word processing, computing, and spreadsheets; familiarity with the Microsoft Office work environment; an understanding of the Internet and web-page functionality

For an optimal experience please check the minimum computer system requirements.

This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

Please note this course is only available to CPA Australia members.

Learning objectives

  • Manually adjust a chart's layout and formatting
  • Save and apply a chart template
  • Manually format illustrations using the Format object dialog box
  • Customise and save Excel themes and styles
  • Save an Excel template and apply to a new workbook
  • Adjust individual chart elements
  • Format Excel illustrations
  • Create a new cell style
  • Create an Excel theme


End users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel 2010 at an advanced level

60 Minutes

365 Days