It is important for finance professionals working with boards to understand what makes the board run effectively and what are some key areas where they can assist the board in decision making. 

This course will help you to understand how a board operates, the skills needed by board members, how to evaluate those skills and what the board should be doing to govern effectively. It will also assist you to support the board and prepare for directorship yourself.

Key topics include:

  • Board evaluation
  • Director selection
  • Term of appointment
  • Board skills
  • Director induction
  • Director development
  • Boardroom dynamics
  • Individual behaviours
  • Bias in the boardroom
  • Key governance relationships
  • Chair – CEO relationship
  • Board – management relationship

Learning objectives

  • Interpret and provide advice on:
    • Implementing a board evaluation in line with the principles recommended by the ASX
    • Director selection
    • The skills appropriate for directors (with reference to financial literacy)
    • Appropriate director induction and development programs
  • Analyse board dynamics
  • Examine characteristics of the relationship between board members and between the board and management


This course is suitable for finance professionals who need to understand corporate governance in detail.

2 hours

365 Days