This course provides an analysis of key estate planning issues requiring consideration by SMSF trustees and members. One of the key reasons someone may establish an SMSF is the control the fund gives them over their retirement benefits. However, little thought may be given to the control the SMSF may provide in regard to estate planning.

Key topics:

  • Direction of death benefits from an SMSF
  • Paying a death benefit from an SMSF
  • Dependants of a deceased member
  • Taxation of death benefits
  • Life insurance policies

This one hour online course forms part of the FastClass short course suite.

Learning objectives

  • Articulate the implications of the death of a self-managed superannuation (SMSF) member
  • Explain how to effectively deal with benefits arising upon the death of an SMSF member by providing both certainty and tax effective estate planning solutions
  • Identify the estate planning advice considerations for SMSF trustees and members


This course is suitable for:

  • Accountants who are licensed to provide SMSF advice
  • Employees of accountants who are licenced to provide SMSF advice
  • SMSF auditors
  • Trustees of SMSFs

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