This course provides an introduction to the major laws that impact on directors and senior executives, and discusses the implications for good practice corporate governance.

It examines the role finance professionals play in assisting directors and officers to fulfil their legal obligations to the company and, in particular, how they:

  • provide the information upon which directors and officers make decisions on matters such as the company’s strategy and its solvency
  • prepare the reports to meet:
    • the company’s financial reporting requirements
    • the financial reporting responsibilities of directors under legislation

It will also assist finance professionals to prepare for directorship themselves.

Key topics:

  • Duties of directors and officers
  • Director protection
  • Features of different types of incorporation – Australia
  • Incorporation in New Zealand
  • Directors’ duties under the ACNC Act
  • Legal framework and directors’ duties and protections in various jurisdictions
  • Key duties and liabilities of directors, officers and others
  • Indicators of potential insolvency
  • The Kleenmaid case
  • The Centro case
  • Directors’ rights

NOTE: This course is focused on the Australian legal system for the most part; however, where relevant, comparisons will be made to New Zealand and other jurisdictions.

This course consists of one online course and one online assessment.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the types of legal structures available for Australian and New Zealand companies and their implications, and explain why they are important
  • Interpret and apply the law as it relates to corporate governance (especially the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) to any situation
  • Analyse the high level legal duties of directors and officers in relation to governance in Australia and with reference to New Zealand
  • Explain what protections are available to directors and officers in relation to governance matters


This course is suitable for finance professionals who need to understand corporate governance in detail.

365 Days