CPD hours: 40 on successful completion                                                 

Important notice: With new educational requirements due to come into effect on 1 January 2019, ensure you complete your RG146 Compliance Solution program which meets the current training requirements. If you are an existing licenced financial adviser as at 31 December 2018, you will be able to take advantage of transitional arrangements allowing you to meet the new educational requirements.

The RG146 Compliance Solution program will provide you the pathway to RG146 Compliance, the level of education required to become a financial adviser to provide financial advice to your clients.

The program is very flexible; each module can be completed via self-paced distance learning or through two-day intensive workshop in the order and mode that suits you best. CPA Australia strongly advises that candidates have a Year 12 or equivalent comprehension level of language, literacy and numeracy skills to undertake this program.

The RG146 Module 1. Financial advice foundation module addresses the fundamental skills and knowledge requirements for financial planners or anyone wishing to provide financial advice. It covers the theories of investment and legal environment in which financial planning advice is provided, relevant also to the other specialist knowledge areas, which include disclosure, compliance and documentation. It also shows how the different parts of the financial planning service fit together and covers areas such as estate planning, developing, implementing and reviewing a financial plan, and providing ongoing service. 

The self-paced learning option is offered year-round and there is no set enrolment period, meaning candidates can enrol any time, until enrolments close on 1 July 2018.


In order to pass each module, you must complete an assessment consisting of a written assignment and a telephone role-play scenario. The assessment tasks are designed to enable you to demonstrate your skills and ability against the key areas of competency covered in each module.

On completion of Module 1. Financial Advice Foundation and Module 2. Insurance, candidates will be awarded the FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning qualification.

This course is offered under CPA Australia’s RTO (CPA Australia Registered Training Organisation Number: 7144).

Further information can be found in the Candidate handbook (PDF) and our policies and forms page

Learning objectives

  • Fundamental skills and knowledge requirements for anyone wishing to provide financial advice to clients, including the "generic knowledge" requirements of RG146 such as economic environment, operation of financial markets and financial products
  • In-depth learning on the legal environment (disclosure, compliance and documentation), and theories of investment that are common to all advisory areas
  • The basis from which to address the financial needs of the client by examining areas such as - estate planning, developing a financial plan, implementing a financial plan, reviewing a financial plan and providing ongoing service


  • Members and non-members
  • Financial planners, financial services advisers or anyone wanting to pursue a career in financial planning
  • Public accountants and their employees
  • Anyone wanting to launch a career in this sector