Financial management in the public sector has a specific set of processes, structures and vocabulary – this course will help you understand these and their relevance.

Key topics include:

  • Public sector structure
  • Different structures within the public sector
  • Different sectors within the public sector
  • Legislative frameworks
  • Fiscal targets
  • Revenue sources
  • Appropriations
  • Common expenditure types
  • Controlled and administered funds
  • Government financial reporting

This course consists of one online course and one online assessment.

Learning objectives

Describe the following:

  • The three levels of government in Australia, their legislative framework and responsibilities
  • The three arms of government, their functions and their relationship with public service
  • The different structures within the public sector and the relevance of the structure in supporting the government
  • The different sectors within the public sector
  • The legislative frameworks that apply to government entities

Explain the following:

  • Fiscal targets and deficits
  • Revenue sources for the different levels of government
  • The appropriation cycle and the different types of appropriations
  • The common expenditure types in the public sector
  • The differences between controlled and administered items
  • The key aspects of government financial reporting


This course is suitable for finance professionals working in the public sector.

365 Days