Watch the most engaging and informative sessions from several years of CPA Conferences. This package will help you develop the skills to become a consummate communicator, including:

  • Advanced presentation techniques to command attention
  • The power of storytelling: How to influence, engage and inspire
  • Stop writing bad business cases
  • Why rational arguments fail (and what you should be doing instead)
  • Maximise the ROI of your meetings: Key ingredients for productive conversations and the mistakes to avoid

Five premium sessions for just $200 (2.5CPD hours).

Learning objectives

  • Learn to plan and structure a presentation, develop an interactive slide deck and connect with your audience
  • Enhance your ability to inspire and engage an audience by learning the key ingredients of storytelling success
  • Discover the process of writing a good business case and what it should contain
  • Explore the value of behavioural science and techniques to uncover and overcome ‘rational’ objections
  • Learn the key ingredients for productive business conversations and the mistakes to avoid


This online package is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their workplace communication.  

365 Days