Watch the most engaging and informative sessions from several years of CPA Conferences. This package will help you develop the skills to become a career builder, including:

  • Using LinkedIn to access the hidden job market
  • Gaining a competitive advantage when searching for new employment
  • Pathway to success – a story of a CFO
  • The strategists
  • Building networks and extending your influence outside your organisation

Five premium sessions for just $200 (2.5CPD hours).

Learning objectives

  • Learn tips and tricks to increase your LinkedIn reach and access the hidden job market
  • Explore the attributes of a strong CV that effectively promotes your skills and background
  • Discover the key traits, values, relationships, education and skills that are vital to advancing your career
  • Gain management and personal insights into the success of some of Australia’s best business leaders
  • Learn to set networking goals and develop and maintain business connections


This online package is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn what it takes to take their career to new heights.

365 Days