Watch the most engaging and informative sessions from several years of CPA Conferences. This package will help you develop the skills to build your personal brand, including:

  • Building networks and extending your influence outside your organisation
  • How to create an outstanding LinkedIn profile
  • Building resilience and how to cope with constant change
  • Finding the talented stranger within
  • The psychology of great decision making

Five premium sessions for just $200 (2.5CPD hours).

Learning objectives

  • Learn to set networking goals and develop and maintain business connections
  • Gains tips and tricks for creating an outstanding LinkedIn profile
  • Understand resilience and how to seize opportunities in a changing work environment
  • Explore how self-perception influences our ability and overcome the phenomenon of imposterhood
  • Master the art and tips and tricks for great decision makingĀ 


This online package is suitable for anyone who wishes to build theirĀ personal brand for business.

365 Days